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These scorecards are designed to accompany Moody’s published methodologies and should only be used in accordance with them. The methodologies are designed to enhance the transparency, consistency and predictability of Moody’s ratings but are not a substitute for a full rating. Your attention is drawn both to the conditions under which access to these scorecards was provided to you, and to the limitations highlighted in the methodologies, in particular that the scorecard output remains subject to adjustment for qualitative factors. The scorecards contain interactive links to the relevant tables from the methodologies to help users assign appropriate inputs. We have also provided analyst contact details and an e-mail address for queries. We are continuing to develop the functionality of these scorecards, and consequently they are provided "as is" without any representations or warranties. Neither the scorecards nor output from them should be relied upon to make any credit-related decisions. We would welcome feedback and suggestions in respect of additional features which may be of benefit to users.
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